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TOTAL QUARTZ 9000 5W 40 1L

-Weight:5 kg
-Specifications:/CF, 229.5, 502.00/505.00, 9.55535-M2, A3/B4, A40, ACEA, API, Chrysler, Fiat, MB, MS-12991, PORSCHE, SN, VW
-Minimize friction and reduce wear.
-The most common and essential function of motor oil is to minimize friction and wear between components. ...
-Cool engine parts.
-Form a seal.
-Dampen shock.
-Prevent corrosion.
-Transfer energy.
- QUARTZ 9000 FUTURE GF5 0W20 enables fuel savings of up to 3.1% - tested in the official ILSAC engine test Seq. VI D
- The exceptional flowability at the lowest temperatures ensures a safe cold start with minimal wear of moving components
- QUARTZ 9000 FUTURE GF5 0W20 enables compliance with the strict requirements of the EURO standards with regard to pollution.
- At the same time, an active contribution is made to reducing CO2 pollution.
- The optimized formulation ensures better protection of the TWC (three-way catalyst)
GH₵ 64.80

Engine oil must lubricate the various parts of an engine to reduce friction and minimize unnecessary loss of power. A well lubricated engine will burn fuel more effectively and therefore perform better. Lubrication, however, is just one task. As friction is reduced, the parts and surfaces being subject to friction are protected. The amount of wear is minimized so that the parts have a longer lifetime. A good engine oil also prevents unwanted chemical reactions on the surface of engine parts, for example corrosion. Corroding parts typically lose functionality and lead to increased engine emissions.


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